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This is super cool and it’s from The Eighth Day

Our world as kids was full of things that grownups could care less about. Colby Vincent Edwards, William Franevsky and Jarrett Scherff have merged this whimsical occupation of childhood and mixed it with a non-technical future world, a dystopia created by unknown circumstances for their show “The 8th Day” at 5 and 6 Gallery. The collaborative group created a plethora of weapons and costumes, wrapped with twine, adorned with teeth, leathers, weathered and dented and tested in the manner in which they would be in everyday use.

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Y siento celos al pensar que un día, alguien, que no te ha visto todavía, verá tus ojos por primera vez.
Que pesadilla seria que alguien ocupara mi lugar.

José Ángel Buesa (via pesimacaligrafia)